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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

O u r   { l o n g }   L o v e   S t o r y

(Photo by Jono & Laynie)

My Finnish friend was in South Africa in early 2011 for a mission trip
Stephen (my now husband) was there at the same time
After the trip my friend visited me and we Skyped Stephen
My friend was still in the washroom when Stephen called on Skype
So I ended up being the first to talk with him and explain who I was
He was wondering who was that talkative girl that just appeared on the screen

We started writing long messages, texting and calling each other
I really started to like him
But I was sure he didn't like me back the same way
I was told by my friends to tell him about my feelings
I was stubborn and scared so I didn't say anything
Weeks later there was a text message conversation where socks were mentioned
He thought it was code language for I like you 
It wasn't. But I did like him.
 I went outside to talk with him since it was midnight and I didn't want to wake up my room mates 
It was in the middle of winter. Snow everywhere.
There I was at a park with some ducks and then it happened
He told me he liked me!

I had a 'small' freak out

We met at the airport in May 2012 the first time after talking online and on the phone for a year
It was weird and wonderful at the same time
We went to the park and held hands for the first time
I was freaking out and asked if we could not hold hands for a while
(I know, weird!)
We started officially dating two days after he came to Finland
He met my friends and family and they all liked him
After two weeks we said goodbye

I flew to Canada to see Stephens family in July 2012 and again in Winter 2012
We also escaped the cold Albertan Winter for couple days and did a trip to Kona, Hawaii
We were always planning the next trip
 And trying to figure out what we should do
We didn't want to be apart
Long distance wasn't fun

Stephen did lots of research.
I had a full time job and Stephen was still in the middle of studies at the University
I knew what the turnout would be. I was just too scared to think about it
He came to Finland in Christmas 2012 and that's when I made my big decision of moving to Canada

Stephen flew back home and I started to get ready for the big move
I left my job and packed my bags
Stephen came to Finland May 2013 to fly back to my new home with me
I had no idea where I would work
I would have to start all over again
Meet new people 
Make new friends
Get used to the Canadian culture
Communicate in English everyday

Stephen had found me a nice first apartment right in downtown Edmonton
I loved it. It made me feel more and more at home.
We were finally able to date without having 6,500 km between us!
It was so nice
Also after a long wait I was able to find a job that hired foreign workers

Moving away from family and friends was not easy
I thought Canada wouldn't be that different
But boy was I wrong.
I had no idea what was ahead of me
 Culture shock came rushing in
 Before moving to Canada I told Stephen I was not going to drive a car in the big city
Little did I know that public transit wasn't really at the same level here in Edmonton
Slowly I started to adjust and appreciate the culture here
In September 2013 he surprised me with a trip to Vancouver and popped the question
I said yes!
Wedding planning and house hunting begun
We found our first tiny and cute 550sq ft condo
We got married in Finland in May 2014
It was such a joy filled day!
And we will always cherish those memories

We have now been married for over a year and I must say it has been the most challenging and most amazing time of my life!
Learning to love, to forgive and to let go

Edmonton is now my home. And I couldn't be happier to share these moments together with my best friend!

Helena & Stephen 2014 from Tommi Ahonen on Vimeo.


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