Oh hi there mountains!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Two weeks ago my sister flew to Canada from Finland for the first time. It was so special to be able to show her our city and country! You can't come to Alberta and not visit the mountains so we gave her a tour of the Rockies!

'Funny' story: We had driven about 1,5h south on Highway 2 when our car died. It got towed to a shop in Lacombe and rest of the day was sitting, waiting and figuring out our way to Red Deer from Lacombe. We were blessed to get a free taxi ride to Red Deer and finally we were able to get a rental car and we were on the road again! We didn't make it to the mountains before sunset but the moment I saw the mountains my heart was so happy and all the wait was so worth it.

There is something about the Rockies that is very hard to describe... You have to experience it yourself.


  1. Fabulous pics! *hugs*
    -Anon Y Mouse

  2. Awesome pics once again <3 and surely you had such a lovely time together at last!

    love,taitukka xxx


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