Unexpected encounters

Saturday, July 12, 2014

On Tuesday I went downtown to run some errands and before heading to work I dropped by Swish- a vintage store that has everything from clothes to furniture. I remember visiting the store last year when I moved to Edmonton and I was new to the city but this time the visit was more special...

My reason to visit the store was to find a 1920s style dress to my sister's wedding. (Yes, it's in Finland so I will be flying back in two weeks! YAY!) Since I didn't have a lot time and wasn't sure where to start looking I asked for some help from Lara who was really friendly and willing to help me in my mission.

Just before I was leaving I realized I had my camera with me and asked Lara if I could take some photos. I know that some stores don't allow picture taking so I wanted to make sure before pulling out my baby Mark. Lara said it was fine so I started snapping photos. We then started talking and found out that we both had a degree in clothing and design as well as a blog! I would have stayed longer to talk with Lara but I had to run to catch the LRT so I wouldn't be late for work. Though I didn't leave the store with a dress I left smiling cause I just love the unexpected encounters with people!

Thanks again Lara for your help! We have to go for coffee one of these days! :)

Check Lara's blog here!

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  1. It was so nice to get "shopping " with you through these nice pics !
    <3 taitukka


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