Stephen's Birthday Sunday!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Stephen had his birthday last week so we celebrated him pretty much all week! The Sunday before his birthday I made him a nice breakfast and after we decided to go for a long bike ride in the River Valley (21km). We biked all the way from Downtown to Whitemud Creek and back. Sun was shining. Wheels were spinning. Birds were singing.
It was GOOD.

After the long bike ride we went to the park to enjoy some corn on the cob and 'makkara' (sausage). We finished the day off at Remedy and I finally was able to enjoy my Chai Latte after so many weeks!
(I'll post those pictures next!)

It was a good Sunday indeed!

Hope you are having a good week! 
I am heading off to Finland today so I am pretty excited over here!! :)
You can follow my trip on Instagram!



  1. What a handsome husband you have!Ring looks good on him ;)))

    <3 <3 taitukka

  2. Lovely pics! <3 (Found you again!)


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