Having fun and looking funny!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Last Tuesday after work Stephen picked me up from work (the best!) We ended up going to a lookout spot before heading home and we played with our phone flashlights and my Baby Mark. We had lots of fun and I am sure we looked pretty funny as well but we didn't care! 

This is how it looked ''behind the scenes" :D

Hope your weekend has been good! We had a family get together on Saturday to celebrate Stephen's birthday that will be on Tuesday. Today we spent the day together biking and grilling at the park and ended the night by going to Remedy (coffee shop). I'll post pictures later!

In other news I got really sad news last week so my mind is still partly 'not here'. 
I have had to stop, think and pray and be thankful for the life I have been given. Life is just so short...

I'll be soon back with more photos!
Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Hellu, terveisiä mongoliasta, hieno uusi look! yritin jo aiemmin kommentoida mutta se ei oo varmaan tullut läpi..ehkä nyt. Ja niin, käsittämätöntä että elämä voi olla niin lyhyt, tosi surullista.
    Mutta ihana että pääset Suomeen käymään ja hyviä häitä siskolle.


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