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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Since my international drivers license expired I have had to start taking the public transit to work. This means leaving 2h before work to catch a bus then a train and then a bus again. I used to travel the same distance to school in Finland (30km) back when I was in college some years ago and I knew one would get used to it. But after moving to Canada I have just become so North American that I want to drive everywhere. Stephen sometimes makes fun of me when he hears me say 'Hey there's a parking spot even closer!' I guess I have been here long enough to adapt to the culture. :)

I thought  taking the transit would be super tiring but I found that I actually have enjoyed it! I had forgot that while on the bus/train I can actually call someone, message, read a magazine, edit pictures on my phone, Instagram, listen to music or read articles online + I get to walk more than just to my car and back. I also decided that some days I will take my camera with me so I can snap pictures on the way to and from work (just like these pictures that I took on Monday). This way I will actually take pictures with my baby Mark II and not just with my phone. WIN!

This week has been beautiful (+30 degrees)! And I have been enjoying my morning/evening shifts though a downside is that I haven't seen Stephen much since he has been so busy at work. I'll be going back to the mid shift schedule starting Friday. Now that I have had the opportunity to do mornings/evenings I have realized that the mid shift is not for me. I feel like I can't do anything before or after work. Or I can but I don't have the energy the same way.

Before moving to Canada I used to work the mid shift as well so I had forgot how nice it was for a change to do mornings/evenings. Despite the whole mid shift thing I will do my best to be productive and enjoy the Summer while it lasts. It's July already! Crazy how time flies..

Since I work so far away from home I have no way of biking to work. I miss being able to bike everywhere. Here in Edmonton there hardly is any bike lanes so it's not as easy to just hop on your bike and go to your destination if you don't know the roads. On Sunday we finally pumped up the tires on my bike and went for a bike ride. Our favourite spot to go biking is the Edmonton River Valley!

Do you prefer to walk/drive/bike/take public transit to work? 
Do you rather work mornings/mid/evenings/nights ?

Hope your week has been good! As I write this I am sitting on our balcony and there is a severe thunderstorm warning in Edmonton so it's really windy. We'll see when the rain comes..


  1. What vibrant and strong colours in your pics! You are blossoming as Mrs Capturinglifethroughthelens ;)
    I was nice to recognize some places and the house with the colourful fence! Is that one pic taken inside the cazebo?

    <3 taitukka xxxooo

  2. Thanks taitukka <3
    and yes that picture has been taken inside the gazebo :) xx


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