Stephen's Birthday Sunday!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Stephen had his birthday last week so we celebrated him pretty much all week! The Sunday before his birthday I made him a nice breakfast and after we decided to go for a long bike ride in the River Valley (21km). We biked all the way from Downtown to Whitemud Creek and back. Sun was shining. Wheels were spinning. Birds were singing.
It was GOOD.

After the long bike ride we went to the park to enjoy some corn on the cob and 'makkara' (sausage). We finished the day off at Remedy and I finally was able to enjoy my Chai Latte after so many weeks!
(I'll post those pictures next!)

It was a good Sunday indeed!

Hope you are having a good week! 
I am heading off to Finland today so I am pretty excited over here!! :)
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Happy Birthday Husband!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy birthday to my best friend and adventure companion! You are the best. Love you  

(This picture was taken on our honeymoon in Kauai, Hawaii. I'll be posting more pictures soon!)

World meet...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

...Kendall! My co-worker and South African friend whom I met last August. If we are not at work you can probably find us sipping our chai tea lattes at Second Cup or eating our favourite pizzas at Famoso. While transitioning to a new country has had it's ups and downs Kendall has been a huge blessing and making the transition easier by being a true friend. 

About 1,5 months ago I had the privilege to document her graduate from University and celebrate her over lunch AND dinner. So proud of her and happy to have her as my friend <3 Congrats lovely!

It's Stephen's Birthday today so I woke up at 5.30am to make him breakfast. I just got 4,5h of sleep last night so I'll have to figure out a way to stay awake at work today.. I still haven't got into coffee drinking ;) We are planning on going to a park to grill after I get off work! Yay! #bestofsummer

Good morning/Goodnight to you wherever you are! 

Having fun and looking funny!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Last Tuesday after work Stephen picked me up from work (the best!) We ended up going to a lookout spot before heading home and we played with our phone flashlights and my Baby Mark. We had lots of fun and I am sure we looked pretty funny as well but we didn't care! 

This is how it looked ''behind the scenes" :D

Hope your weekend has been good! We had a family get together on Saturday to celebrate Stephen's birthday that will be on Tuesday. Today we spent the day together biking and grilling at the park and ended the night by going to Remedy (coffee shop). I'll post pictures later!

In other news I got really sad news last week so my mind is still partly 'not here'. 
I have had to stop, think and pray and be thankful for the life I have been given. Life is just so short...

I'll be soon back with more photos!
Happy Monday everyone!

Unexpected encounters

Saturday, July 12, 2014

On Tuesday I went downtown to run some errands and before heading to work I dropped by Swish- a vintage store that has everything from clothes to furniture. I remember visiting the store last year when I moved to Edmonton and I was new to the city but this time the visit was more special...

My reason to visit the store was to find a 1920s style dress to my sister's wedding. (Yes, it's in Finland so I will be flying back in two weeks! YAY!) Since I didn't have a lot time and wasn't sure where to start looking I asked for some help from Lara who was really friendly and willing to help me in my mission.

Just before I was leaving I realized I had my camera with me and asked Lara if I could take some photos. I know that some stores don't allow picture taking so I wanted to make sure before pulling out my baby Mark. Lara said it was fine so I started snapping photos. We then started talking and found out that we both had a degree in clothing and design as well as a blog! I would have stayed longer to talk with Lara but I had to run to catch the LRT so I wouldn't be late for work. Though I didn't leave the store with a dress I left smiling cause I just love the unexpected encounters with people!

Thanks again Lara for your help! We have to go for coffee one of these days! :)

Check Lara's blog here!

Back to public transit

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Since my international drivers license expired I have had to start taking the public transit to work. This means leaving 2h before work to catch a bus then a train and then a bus again. I used to travel the same distance to school in Finland (30km) back when I was in college some years ago and I knew one would get used to it. But after moving to Canada I have just become so North American that I want to drive everywhere. Stephen sometimes makes fun of me when he hears me say 'Hey there's a parking spot even closer!' I guess I have been here long enough to adapt to the culture. :)

I thought  taking the transit would be super tiring but I found that I actually have enjoyed it! I had forgot that while on the bus/train I can actually call someone, message, read a magazine, edit pictures on my phone, Instagram, listen to music or read articles online + I get to walk more than just to my car and back. I also decided that some days I will take my camera with me so I can snap pictures on the way to and from work (just like these pictures that I took on Monday). This way I will actually take pictures with my baby Mark II and not just with my phone. WIN!

This week has been beautiful (+30 degrees)! And I have been enjoying my morning/evening shifts though a downside is that I haven't seen Stephen much since he has been so busy at work. I'll be going back to the mid shift schedule starting Friday. Now that I have had the opportunity to do mornings/evenings I have realized that the mid shift is not for me. I feel like I can't do anything before or after work. Or I can but I don't have the energy the same way.

Before moving to Canada I used to work the mid shift as well so I had forgot how nice it was for a change to do mornings/evenings. Despite the whole mid shift thing I will do my best to be productive and enjoy the Summer while it lasts. It's July already! Crazy how time flies..

Since I work so far away from home I have no way of biking to work. I miss being able to bike everywhere. Here in Edmonton there hardly is any bike lanes so it's not as easy to just hop on your bike and go to your destination if you don't know the roads. On Sunday we finally pumped up the tires on my bike and went for a bike ride. Our favourite spot to go biking is the Edmonton River Valley!

Do you prefer to walk/drive/bike/take public transit to work? 
Do you rather work mornings/mid/evenings/nights ?

Hope your week has been good! As I write this I am sitting on our balcony and there is a severe thunderstorm warning in Edmonton so it's really windy. We'll see when the rain comes..

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