Finland // Turku

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Oh how wonderful it was to be back in Finland and see family and friends!
For those of you who don't know, me and Stephen flew to Finland in May to get married! YAY! Luckily some of Stephen's friends and family members were also able to join us for the big day. Our wedding day was perfect and we would have not had it any other way! Thanks for everyone making the day and this time so special with your wishes, cards, words, hugs, txt messages, emails.. We feel so blessed.

Turku, oh how I had missed you!

-Helena xx

P.S These photos I have taken with my phone!

Turku Cathedral
Aura River
My Grandma makes the best iced parfaits!
The road through the forest that takes me to my grandparents.
Showing the Canadiens the Finnish cabin life!
Went to see my nephew play soccer
Rehearsal at St. Catherine's Church
Showing Naantali to our photographers Jono and Laynie!
Location scouting
We went to Ruissalo for a walk with my husband the day after the wedding
Our first lunch as husband and wife. Romantic, I know!
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