Thursday, April 10, 2014

It's been a long time that I have posted any pictures on my blog. There has been (and is) just so much going on in my life and updating my blog hasn't been on top of my priority list. I have also decided to not feel bad about it. I will post pictures when I have the inspiration. These pictures I have taken with my phone and most of these you might have already seen on my Instagram. But I wanted to post them here anyways.

I was just going through my iPhoto gallery on my computer and looks like the last time I picked up my Baby Mark was last November when we went to Banff..*sigh*

Hope your weekend is good and full of joy, joy, joy! 

-Helena xx

It starts to look like Spring // Going for a walk with my man
 Brunch time the Finnish style // Strolling the streets in Old Strathcona

Getting ready to paint the walls // Some treats from back home 
Moving time // Painting, painting and some more painting

Tulips // Jasper Ave // A good Friday // Chai tea

I love bridges // Fromwhereistand // Fromwhereisleep // The snow is finally melting

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