Happy Dance!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Hello Everyone! My laptop is all fixed now (Thank you Stephen!) and I am so glad I didn't loose any pictures/files *happy dance* !
Now I shall backup everything before it's too late..
I have been taking more pictures with my phone that with my Canon (poor Mark!) so here is a little Instagram photo update for you all! Also next week I will post some engagement pictures I took a while ago + maybe some mountain pictures from the coming weekend.. 
One more day and the weekend is here! YAY!
I am off to the mountains! How about you?

Hope your (long) weekend is amazing! :)

Helena xx

 Sunrise // View from my balcony (-14c) // High Level Bridge // Street Art

 Working with Stephen one Sunday morning // Lights // River Valley // Moon

 Autumn view from my balcony // Beautiful River Valley // YEG // Winter is coming

104 Street // Sunset // Breakfast // On my break (YEG)


  1. <3 Lovely pictures, Helena! Have fun in Banff :)


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