Glacier Park // Montana

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hello everyone! It's been long since my last post. Sorry for that. Been busy starting at my new work and getting used to the routine again.

Couple weeks ago I had to apply for my work permit at the USA/ Canada border so we thought to make a trip out of it! The drive was about 6h south from Alberta. I can't get over how majestic the mountains were! I loved Glacier Park! If you ever visit be sure to go to Logan Pass! Amazing. We also rented a motor boat at Lake McDonald (twice ;))

Have an amazing week! I'll be soon back with more pictures..

Helena xx


  1. Mitä mahtavan upeita kuvia!ja ihanan "tyyni veden pinta" ;))Ihana se molskahdus-kuva.Se tais olla sentään rannalalta heitetty kivi eikä kala, vai!?

    <3 taitukka

  2. How stunning the mountains are!


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