Street Performers Festival

Monday, July 8, 2013

Yesterday Stephen and I went to see the Street Performers Festival at Sir Winston Churchill Square. It's a ten day festival where all the jugglers and comedians come together and make people laugh! We were able to see and be entertained by The Checkerboard Guy. He was hilarious and really talented too! The festival also offers food, drinks, mini doughnuts.. and deep-fried Mars bars (I know that I am in North America)! Stephen had been craving for one since Canada day so we bought one and I must say it wasn't bad at all ;) 
It was a sweet day indeed!

Hugs, Helena xx

(Photos by Stephen and I)


  1. Ihana hattu! Mie just keksin kans yks päivä et hattu pitäis saada :)

    1. Joo! Mä en ollu kans aikasemmin tajunnu miten kiva se on :)

  2. Ihana Helena <3 :)



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