" The Sun Has Got His Hat On..."

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

THE SUN IS OUT! Feels good after 2 weeks of rain.. They have promised a heat wave for this week! WOO! Canada day should also be +27 degrees! Not complaining.

Back to today. We were able to hang out the whole day with Stephen since the heavy rain the other day made it impossible for him to work today. Also his office had flooded. (Floods no good, but happy I was able to hang out with my man!)
I enjoyed the warmth and the view from my balcony as I was painting my nails and calling friends and family back home in Finland. Meantime Stephen was doing stuff with my computer (he is truly amazing in that+ many other things as well!).

After I had napped for two hours (!) I wanted to get out and enjoy the day plus take pictures with my baby Mark. We did some exploring and ate supper at a nice restaurant.
The sunlight late in the evening was perfect! I have kinda been neglecting my baby Mark.. Yes, I did take him to Banff but I just want to be even more creative with my photos and learn more (much more). I will take my camera out more this week. That is a promise. 

Hope your week has been (and is) amazing and full of sunshine! (people in Finland; be sure to use plenty of sun lotion ;)) Oh, and I have a job interview tomorrow! Exciting.

Love, Helena x


  1. Lovely pics once again! And now canadian grass!!!

    You should be sleeping tight this time of your night!

    says,spytaitukka with love & hugs

  2. Ihania uusia kuvia otsikossa! Kiva kun Helena-kuori pääsi sinne :)


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