Friday, June 28, 2013

As much as I love my Canon 5D Mark II (also called as baby Mark) I can't always take it everywhere I go, so I like to capture moments with my phone as well and post them on Instagram. And it's not only about taking the pictures but actually editing them with my phone! Here is a few pictures from the past couple weeks I have posted! You can follow me on Instagram here!

Creativeness in Me

Friday, June 28, 2013

Whether it's moving the furniture around, playing with Photoshop, capturing the perfect moment with my camera or trying to find the clothes for the 'perfect' outfit I love how in those moments the creativeness in me comes alive. Since I liked how my blog looked like before I decided to just do minor changes and update the layout with new pictures.

There is always a story behind every photo.

1. Took this selfie while on our wednesday adventure with Stephen.
2. Stephen is amazing in everything he does. He designed these lights. LOVE the colour combination!
3. Before leaving for Canada we had an amazing day at a fair in Turku with the whole family.
4. My Last day in Helsinki consisted of having breakfast with my dear friend Päivi. She gave me this beautiful envelope and a present.
5. My new Canada home 
6. YUM! These oranges (!!!) Not only do they taste good but also look amazing!
7. Back to the year 2012. My dear friend got married and I was one of the bridesmaids. Trying the dress on at home after buying it.
8. A farewell present from my family and friends. Opened it after living in Canada for three weeks. (Tissues where used)
9. While living in Helsinki, me and Päivi had the tradition to go for breakfast once every two weeks. It was good time to catch up and share life. On my last day in Helsinki she made me breakfast including these yummy pancakes!
10. From where I stand. Did some grocery shopping before driving to the airport to pick mom with Stephen. Took this picture at the Superstore parking lot. There is always time for Instagram!
11. One year of dating- date. Stephen took me the the revolving restaurant in Edmonton. This is the view we had (for a whlile)
12. Berlin 2011. Saw this picture in a store and asked my friend to hold it while I took the picture. One of my all time favourites!

How did you use your creativeness today?

Helena x

" The Sun Has Got His Hat On..."

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

THE SUN IS OUT! Feels good after 2 weeks of rain.. They have promised a heat wave for this week! WOO! Canada day should also be +27 degrees! Not complaining.

Back to today. We were able to hang out the whole day with Stephen since the heavy rain the other day made it impossible for him to work today. Also his office had flooded. (Floods no good, but happy I was able to hang out with my man!)
I enjoyed the warmth and the view from my balcony as I was painting my nails and calling friends and family back home in Finland. Meantime Stephen was doing stuff with my computer (he is truly amazing in that+ many other things as well!).

After I had napped for two hours (!) I wanted to get out and enjoy the day plus take pictures with my baby Mark. We did some exploring and ate supper at a nice restaurant.
The sunlight late in the evening was perfect! I have kinda been neglecting my baby Mark.. Yes, I did take him to Banff but I just want to be even more creative with my photos and learn more (much more). I will take my camera out more this week. That is a promise. 

Hope your week has been (and is) amazing and full of sunshine! (people in Finland; be sure to use plenty of sun lotion ;)) Oh, and I have a job interview tomorrow! Exciting.

Love, Helena x


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

 When mom was here we walked quite a bit. One day we walked to Old Strathcona. It was nice and warm and I loved it! (Except for the blisters I got while wearing high heel sandals..)

Oh hi there mountains! (Banff)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Banff was amazing. I'll let pictures speak for themselves!

Bow Falls

Hi there bear!

Johnston Canyon

Johnston Canyon

Johnston Canyon

Lake Louise

Lake Louise (going up!)

Tea House

Lake Agnes


View from Sulphur Mountain

Oh Mountains!

Peyto Lake

Banff, Alberta

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We went to Banff for couple nights with Stephen and mom and had a blast! The mountains were incredible! Never seen something like that! The Rockies are definitely worth the visit! Here is a couple iphone pics from the trip! More pictures will follow :)

Evening stroll with Stephen and mom

Friday, June 7, 2013

We decided to go for a stroll with Stephen and mom one evening. The sun was setting and we stayed to listen some girls and boys play their bagpipes infront of a church! Mom also had her first Starbucks :) 

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