Goodbye Helsinki!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yesterday was my last day in Helsinki before I headed off to Turku to see friends and family. My sister  came to pick me up which was nice. Thanks sis ♥ Three years. One apartment. Two amazing roommates. Many visitors. Oh I will miss my Helsinki home  But a new amazing adventure awaits! 

My good friend Päivi (also known as Baby on my blog) spoiled me with this amazing goodbye brunch. She is amazing in her kitchen; she even does her own bread and muesli! And that's just the start. Check her blog for more recipes and inspiration! I will miss our weekly breakfast dates. Thank you Baby for everything ♥ 

Thank you Helsinki and Helsinki people. You have been SO good to me ♥ 

P.S The bread she made was named Helena after me !!!

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  1. Lovely, lovely! (And anything for you sweetheart, anytime!) Ja hei saisinko vielä nuo kuvat musta ottamassa kuvia? :)


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